Getflix – smart and easy (SmartDNS and VPN)

Yesterday evening I was scrolling through Facebook like usual. I use Facebook more like a news collector than a social platform (a good ratio would be around 70:30), so the majority of the content comes from (reliable) news sites, science news pages, etc.

That was when I came across a post from ScienceAlert, where they promoted killer deals with some sites. One of them was Getflix. The deal was that for a ridiculous amount of money, I’d get a lifetime Smart DNS subscription.

Since I’m not from the United States (I’m from Hungary) and I use Netflix on a daily basis, it caught my attention. Previously I used VPN to access the US content on Netflix, but last year they managed to block HTTP proxies and VPNs really efficiently. Unfortunately I had to give up at a point and accept that I can watch only a fraction of Netflix’s content. Continue reading “Getflix – smart and easy (SmartDNS and VPN)”